Everybody in

Raccoons included in that All?  Ants? Crocodiles . . .

Each of us connected to the lives around us, like the butterfly that flaps its wings in Jamaica and creates a wind in Alaska.

For real? you ask. Researchers are testing subtle energies and linking them in surprising ways, like the identical twins separated at birth and living surprisingly similar lives across the country.

What is that raccoon figuring out as she claws her bulk down pine tree? Where the next meal is for her hungry twins, perhaps. She hisses at the human intruders as she tests each foothold, just to alert us that she ain’t playin’. She’s on a mission.

Sometimes I can divine answers to puzzling problems just by watching an ant weave its way across the sidewalk with a brother on its back. Or a violinist thread her way through a difficult Stravinsky piece. Somehow watching way open for another gives my problem the goose-up it needed, just a little shove into new possibility.

Plants move slower, yet are clearly connected in all-that-is energy. “Holler when ready, forsythias. “April 22, Earth Day! Hear the forsythias! Hey, yellow ones!” sings the Conductor.


Author: Catherine W. Scott

Grandmother, seeker, writer, fun-lover. I live by the sea in southwest France beside my daughter Leslie. Writing fiction has become joy and teacher. It is diving into one's heart to find stories, characters, ideas. That mysterious within holds wonders worth the dig. Like Walt Whitman said: "I am large. I contain multitudes."

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