Space – Allows us great freedom


Allows us all the freedom our souls desire

to ask the questions,

to breathe for existence

to know we are connected

to the great Goodness

that all life holds.

We know it deeply

and we forget then,

and slide into our humanness.

Get lost in the busy-ness.

The cat wakes and slides its slab-sided body against my leg,

wanting connection or its ears fondled.

I hoist it cradle it, to listen to its purr motor.

We drop into vast silence

together, held in it,

enriching it with our Presence,

our part in it.

Author: Catherine W. Scott

Grandmother, seeker, writer, fun-lover. I live by the sea in southwest France beside my daughter Leslie. Writing fiction has become joy and teacher. It is diving into one's heart to find stories, characters, ideas. That mysterious within holds wonders worth the dig. Like Walt Whitman said: "I am large. I contain multitudes."

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