Simple Space

Buddhists describe detachment as opening into space, the All, that from which all comes. Christianity defines that All as God.

Mooji, a Jamaican Buddhist holy man with a teaching-living center in Monte Sahaja, Portugal, was raised Christian. He’s an evolved presence who models open heart-open mind just by being himself, a cool fun guy with a big open mind and heart. He includes God and Christ in his “pointings,” describing open space as the Self which we are. He says we are beyond ego, time, concepts. We are that which is and will always be.

What is interesting to me about Mooji is that he honors all questions that come from a passionate heart. Nothing honest is disallowed, no matter how long it takes for the seeker to come to understanding, no matter the depth of the tears. Mooji demonstrates detachment from thought, the personal human mind, that he is pointing to with sincerity and wise intent. He lives this, the very simple gateway into freedom that many are  seeking. Many people come to an elevated consciousness in his presence.

He teaches that awakening to presence has the power to empty the mind of thought. He says thought is where the difficulties arise. When we can leave thought at the door with our shoes and enter into true consciousness, we are set free. Then the continuing practice of prayer and meditation deepens awareness. There can be seeming roadblocks the mind throws us, but simple ongoing practice awakens us to who we truly are.

He and his team have made much information available free on youtube, which further demonstrates the sincerity of their calling.

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