Listening by Catherine W. Scott

Listening by Catherine W. Scott

Listening by Catherine Woodward ScottListening tells of the mysterious power of deep listening to convert both listener and speaker via conversation, when thoughtfully done.

There are interesting characters here: a Hopi wise man, a magnificent chestnut gelding named Skywalker, and a therapist who learns what little control she has over outcomes after all.

Who knew chipmunks could double as toothy gurus and that tragedy could turn into healing wisdom? Doc, the vet who dared Jillian, the Boulder psychotherapist, to ride Skywalker into town dressed like a “gypsy ho”–maybe he knew.

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Excerpt from Listening by Catherine W. Scott

“Damn, I feel naked, buddy,” she told him, free hand massaging his powerful withers. He nickered in response.

Good thing I stuck one of Jordan’s long shirts in my pack to cover my butt. I need a hard-core coffee to break up this morning. And those gourmet dinners arriving every day for a month from Doc’s wife?

Now that is gonna ramp this naked caper right up into delicious.

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