Grace and Wit

Today marks an important birthday – my eldest grandson’s. You grannies and grandpas know the depth of joys in these moments. When the kids are thriving, you sleep right. When there have been a few miles of bad road, the graces are full of throw-your-head-back wit. After all. What else needs to happen now?

And the mountain peaks around you laugh your echo. And you know that’s God laughing loud “haw haw!” not a polite little hee-hee titter.

No longer 4-wheeled, I can celebrate Ben’s birthday by riding to the next town to replace old tires. Get a retread, old girl. Safety now. And it’s all connected in the heart – the joys of our thriving offspring, the freedom to celebrate as we like. The grace to make our own choices — to delight in the sun? Or worry about some damned thing. Physical and mental endurance? That the world is spinning as it should, not as I thought it would? That there is fun to be sought or created? And endurance to last us through many a scary mile.

My beloved G-Dog, Fr. Greg Boyle of Tattoos on the Heart fame, priest to Los Angeles gang members, quoted a homeboy saying, “Positive vibes on a Tuesday!” And why not, I ask you? Did we come here to choose or not? As Jason Robards Jr. said in A Thousand Clowns – “what’s the subtle reason you were born a human being and not a chair?”

two wheels of freedom – grace and wit

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