God can’t be known with the head, only the heart

Is it possible to explain this infant with your mind?

Does one need to know anything more than this perfection of creation?

It is funny that we keep trying, in a way, with our doctrines and theologies and various religions, but that seems to be the human dilemma. I used to inquire of my beloved spiritual director, Sanford Alwine in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, my endless questions of how to “know” God.

One day Sandy smiled in that knowing, frustrating way of his, stretched his hands high above his head, and mimicked balancing something heavy above him, as heavy as the world.

“You are trying to under-stand, stand under, God? How’s that workin’ for you?” with that twinkle in his merry brown eyes.

It is taking years to digest that, clearly¬†still at work by coming up now as a topic for pondering and posting. I think God is that clear and present, mysterious to us and in us, and somehow, closer than our very breath. I dare to be so bold as to say this very offering is God at work through me, as me, to bring good questions to this forum. Even if nobody reads them! Because that part is not my business. Just doing as I’m guided is my part, right?

But I don’t under-stand, Sandy! Thank you for that perfect gesture to show our human foolishness. However could we grasp with our minds something as vast and beautiful and co-creative as God, as Love? Who could “knit us together in our mother’s womb” if not a spirit, a something, that is vast beyond comprehension, invisible, unnamable, ever-present in every time and place and person?

That’s the best news I can come up with on an ordinary Tuesday for your pondering.

From the sunny south of France, We bid you a sweet day.




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