Clarity comes when it likes

My friend Doug Margolis sent this cool arc to use in a post and here’s that right moment.

mighty arc

You know that rising of breakthrough after you’ve trained for months to accomplish a new time goal for your workout, or a finished book or poem, or a Yoga pose you thought impossible? No telling when, but you keep on keeping on, and suddenly, voila! Magical new horizons! Clarity.

I had one of those this morning. You know what resistance feels like — writer’s block, can’t POSSibly quit that addiction, no way you can stretch into that pose. or stuff your butt into those pants ever again. At the beginning of the path, there are walls you KNOW are insurmountable. Never could get over that one, your mind tells you. Too late, too much water under that bridge. Forget it. Accept what is.

But that voice inside that says, Dammit. I gotta do this. So you pull up your socks and try one more time.

Mine came in the form of seeing how I procrastinate and believe my crappy thought and give in to it. Years of facing into this in so many forms. Okay, a lifetime. What would come up when challenged would be a slinking fear starting in belly and running all through my body that feels crippling. Know that feeling? I would do anything to distract me from that hideous feeling.

I finally linked it to a parental shadow that threw the high beams on it and released its claw grip. How mighty that freedom feels, right? Like my friend Jerry Fabyanic when he crested that fourteen-thousand-foot mountain in Colorado and hollered “Yesssssss!” after pushing Sisyphus’s rock uphill for a lifetime.

The fun factor here is – you never know when that breakthrough is just around the bend – so why not keep paddling and find out?


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