Booze at Breakfast by Catherine W. Scott

Booze at Breakfast by Catherine ScottBooze at Breakfast: Helping Families Cope With Alcoholism

Booze at Breakfast is based on the author Catherine W. Scott’s birth family in the throes of the father’s alcoholism. Thirty years after her brother’s suicide which triggered other family tragedies, she honored his memory by writing this for him.

Moreover, alcoholism is a common family disease that affects each member a little differently yet predictably. Consequentially, alcoholism is so common it affects millions all over the world.

The good news? There are AA and Al-Anon and many other 12-step offshoots in every city available free through a well-publicized internet network.

The best news? Booze at Breakfast can start helping you understand and cope with alcoholism in your family now.

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What Readers Are Saying About Booze at Breakfast

Booze at Breakfast gives readers a clear picture of the reality of a family living with the disease of alcoholism. Scott gently and respectfully met the beast from all angles.

I was grateful for the hopeful ending.

She bravely pulled together a lifetime of experience and witness into a story that allows others the privilege of encountering the potential of grace and forgiveness possible when living in the wake of alcoholism.

In a very natural and accessible way, Scott intertwined the spiritual dimensions of healing from alcoholism and codependence into a fine story.

MaryJo Boylan
Westminster, MD.

Catherine is a veteran addictions counselor with a sharp eye and a compassionate heart. She’s learned human wisdom by treating hundreds of families plus her own personal recovery work.

Booze at Breakfast tells the story in a lovely way – the uphill journey of recovery is worth the ride.

Dr. Julie Ramsey
Dean of Student Affairs
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA.

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Book Synopsis

Booze at Breakfast is a family portrait of the disease of alcoholism.

Stories take us to the heart of life’s deep truths, and this one hits us from all the characters’ perspectives. The abusive self-loathing alcoholic, his wife and the children’s experience, and especially his son, Peter.

It is charmingly interspersed with an Irish neighbor’s spiritual wisdom. Also, of the youth priest’s friendship with the alcoholic’s wife and son. Ultimately, the redemption herein is hard-won, funny, and sweet.

Engrossing, loving, and wise, this story will provide understanding for anyone who has puzzled about an alcoholic or his/her family’s choices and challenges.

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